Plate Ice Machines

Snowman’s plate ice ranges from 5mm to 30mm in thickness and 20mm to 50mm in width and has no fixed shape. Thickness and width can be adjusted to suit your application. Snowman’s plate ice is ideal for refrigerating aquatic products as it boasts even cooling effect, good ventilation, and constant refrigeration temperature.

It is clear, hard cracked ice; is pure in colour and lustre, hard, transparent, dry and powerless. As it doesn’t melt easily, taking 30% more time to melt than other types of ice, it stores for long periods.

Snowman’s plate ice machines pump water from a reservoir to a distributor above the plate. Water then is passed uniformly over a vertical stainless steel plate, which chills the ice. Depending on the thickness of ice you require, the water pump will switch off, and a hot gas will release the ice plate onto a rotating breaker bar.

Your cracked plate ice is stored in a container under the machine and is immediately ready for use.

Plate Ice applications

  • Seafood
  • Poultry and meat processing
  • Small goods
  • Leather processing
  • Ice cold storage air conditioning
  • Edible ice
  • Chemical industry

Plate Ice Machine Features

Plate ice machines have two evaporator plate types; aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Plate ice evaporators adopt direct expansion systems and use R-22, R507A, R404A {inconsistent info, see below} or ammonia as the cooling medium.


  • Our machines feature an ice-making section and compressor set assembled from a hot-dipped, galvanized frame.
  • All surfaces and plates in contact with ice are made from 304 stainless steel which resists heat and eliminates corrosion.
  • The external housing of our machines are weatherproof and tamperproof.

Snowman’s plate ice machines have a range of 1 to 100-tonne capacity. All plate ice machines are fitted with PLC control phase failure circuit breakers, as well as overload and contactor controls. Plus a full set of ‘run’ and ‘fault’ lights. Plate Ice Machines are suitable for refrigerant R404A, R22 and R717.


Plate Ice Machines Photos



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